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The Central-European branch of POPAI CE organizes the POPAI AWARDS competition for the best communication means at points of sale.

It aims at promoting in-store marketing as well as new industry trends highlighting advertising at the points of sale as an efficient communication medium closest to a shopper.  The competition ranks among the most prestigious events in the field and presents the latest means of in-store communication, sales support systems and other supporting promotional tools.

The competition offers a unique opportunity for POP manufacturers to make the best creations of their annual production more visible and present them to the general public at the competition exposition and in the course of an extensive media campaign. In addition, the event also helps to increase the prestige and importance of the POP producers and the whole industry as such, both at home and abroad.

Entered by competitors, the competing exhibits have been used in a specific project implemented in the retail sphere. Competition exhibits can be any type of material meeting the mission of the competition, such as POP materials, supporting promotional items (3D), retail equipment means, systems of digital and multimedia communications, lighting communication tools, information and orientation systems, in-store campaign presentations, etc. 

The POPAI AWARDS exposition of the exhibits and the official award ceremony are held during the POPAI DAY – a major event in the sector of marketing communication at points of sale, organized by POPAI CE on an annual basis.

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