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3D Advertising Projects

POPAI CE supports the segment of gifts and promotional items as an important part of the discipline of marketing communications and sales support.

Within the activities of the Promotional Items section the association organizes educational events, aimed at showcasing new projects in today's market of gifts and promotional items in our country and providing information about the potential and the possible directions of further development in this market.

These events include the presentation of interesting creations and new ideas in the segment of gifts that work and have a promising future in marketing communication, along with case studies of successful sales support campaigns using gifts and promotional items.

Being a part of the programme, the Star of 3D Advertising Competition significantly promotes 3D advertising and is a unique source of inspiration and new knowledge in our gift and promotional item market.  Enjoying a long-term tradition, the competition increases the prestige of the entries and competing companies also making them more visible during the media campaign as well as the competition itself. This event targets Czech and foreign companies working with 3D advertising, such suppliers of promotional and gift items, agencies, promotion teams, advertisers, representatives of retail, etc. The competition is organized by POPAI CE in cooperation with ABF, a.s.

There are more significant projects that POPAI CE has undertaken – such as the survey which provided a detailed analysis of the gift and promotional item market. The survey examined the growth potential of specific gift items, sale of advertising merchandise from the point of view of the basic segmentation (catalogue goods, customized items), representation of the type of promotional items in corporate budgets, efficiency of individual gift types and their impact on consumers as well as the importance of packaging and branding in selecting a gift item.


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